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Hang Yuan

I was raised in China and began to study aboard since high school. I have been extremely lucky to have studied at various great places in the US and Europe. Originally, I was trained as a computer scientist with a focus in machine learning (ML) but later I gradually started to gain more interests in the neuroscience/healthcare applications of ML techniques to advance the boundaries of these fields.

In addition to my academic interests, I am a big fan of using advanced techniques to solve challenging business problems of different kinds. That’s why I have founded two startups, ShareCo and inAI, with friends during my study. I do believe that technologies will play a big role in making this world a better place and I would like to contribute by translating the cutting-edge research into tangible real-world applications.

What am I working on now?

Trying to finish up my master thesis in reinforcement learning and getting ready to start my PhD course at Oxford in healthcare AI.

What is my long-term goal?

Create a tech startup that solves some high-impact problems the world is facing. Don’t really know what the starup will be about but it could be anything.

Want to get in touch?

Just email me @angerhangy@gmail.com. I am not actively looking any career change at the moment but I still have some (very) limited room to handle a few side projects such as AI consulting, giving lessons about AI to the kids or other opportunities that can help better educate the public or the industry about the AI space.

Hang Yuan

An AI researcher in training and an entrepreneur at heart.

CS PhD candiate@Oxford

Spent time with: Bloomberg, MPI-IS, Jacobs, EPFL and CMU .

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