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The World of Science

I conduct research on general machine learning methodology and find its applications in healthcare/neuroscience. Back at Jacobs, I first worked with Prof. Michael Kohlhase and then my real ML research started with Prof. Herbert Jaeger and Prof. Benn Godde. I also spent time at MPI with Prof. Grosse-Wentrup and at EPFL with Prof. Courtine on brain-computer-interface research which was super interesting. My current master thesis supervisors are Dr. Fran├žois Fleuret and Dr. Mathieu Salzmann.

Machine learning

Delayed Attack Samples PDF 2019 Jun: A Primer on the Delayed Adversarial Attack in Using Recurrent Neural Networks for Reinforcement Learning

An introduction of a series of work on delayed adversarial attack in deep learning. We will make the code available soon.
Breakout Repo 2019 Feb: Reinforcement Learning Cheat Sheats

A collection of theories and applications of reinforcement learning as part of my master thesis.
Echo State Network Repo PDF 2017 Jun: Motor Learning Skill Classification Using Echo State Networks

ESNs are a type of Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) that are easy to train but still maintain the power of capturing the temporal information that do. In my bachelor thesis, I constructed ESNs for motor learning skill classification on EEG data. Additionally, I also developed new methods on how to increase the interpabiltiy of ESNs.

Mathematical Knowledge Management (MKM)

sTeX PDF 2016 Jun: Mixing Surface Languages for OMDoc

The formalism of mathmatics: MathML, OpenMath and OMDoc are machine-friendly formats for math so that the machines can do search, automated proving and cross-referencing easily. TeX is the main driving horse for high quality mathematics documents authoring. A variant of TeX that allows for structural formats, enables us to transform those documents into OMDoc with the help of LaTeXML sTeX plugin to let machines operate on the documents.


Hang Yuan

An AI researcher in training and an entrepreneur at heart.

Currently@EPFL and moving to Oxford this Oct.

Spent time with: Bloomberg, MPI-IS, Jacobs and CMU .

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