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I am an NDPH Early Career Research Fellow at the Nuffield Department of Population Health at Oxford. My primary research interest is to understand how can wearables improve human health. Wearable devices can provide longitudinal passive monitoring of human behavior and physiology. Few other technologies can match wearable data in its length at the same level of temporal granularity. As the measurement tools improve and longer data become available, we are blessed with this gold mine that contains a huge amount of under-exploited data which could transform our understanding of human physiology and improve human health.

Main research interests:

  • How to best represent human sensing time series data using machine learning?
  • The association between device-measured behavior and human diseases.
  • How to use wearable with omics data for genomics discovery and risk prediction?

My doctoral research is supervised by Aiden Doherty and Simon Kyle, which has been generously sponsored by the Li Kai Shing Foundation and Novo Nordisk. I also worked with Andrew Zisserman and Timor Kadir for my rotation project. Previously I worked with Herbert Jaeger and Benn Godde on echo state neural networks for my undergraduate thesis. My master’s thesis was supervised by François Fleuret and Mathieu Salzmann.

Selected publications

Self-supervised Learning for Human Activity Recognition Using 700,000 Person-days of Wearable Data
Hang Yuan, Shing Chan, Andrew P. Creagh, Catherine Tong, David A. Clifton, Aiden Doherty
npj Digital Medicine, 2024
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Self-supervised learning of accelerometer data provides new insights for sleep and its association with mortality
Hang Yuan, Tatiana Plekhanova, Rosemary Walmsley, Amy C. Reynolds, Kathleen J. Maddison, Maja Bucan, Philip Gehrman, Alex Rowlands, David W. Ray, Derrick Bennett, Joanne McVeigh, Leon Straker, Peter Eastwood, Simon D. Kyle, Aiden Doherty
npj Digitial Medicine, 2024
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Digital health technologies and machine learning augment patient-reported outcomes to remotely characterise rheumatoid arthritis
Andrew P. Creagh, Valentin Hamy, Hang Yuan, Gert Mertes, Ryan Tomlinson, Wen-Hung Chen, Rachel Williams, Christopher Llop, Christopher Yee, Mei Sheng Duh, Aiden Doherty, Luis Garcia-Gancedo, David A. Clifton
npj Digital Medicine, 2024
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Hang Yuan 🏳️‍🌈

I use wearables to improve human health.


Previously: Meta, Bloomberg, MPI-IS, Jacobs, EPFL and CMU .

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